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Exploring 10 Door Options for Hospitals And Clinics

Hospitals are chaotic places, with staff, visitors and patients constantly on the move. There is an air of urgency in the environment and in this active environment, doors play a critical role in maintaining efficiency and safety. However, unlike your average office door, hospital doors need to fulfil a unique set of requirements.

It’s important to recognise the value of choosing the most appropriate doors for your facility. The hospital doors you choose need to meet specific requirements, such as radiation protection and fire resistance. 

In addition to adhering to strict safety regulations, a hospital entrance door must make it easy for healthcare workers and patients to enter and exit easily. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the variety of options? Don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll guide you through the various hospital doors. 

Let’s get started!

1. Automatic Doors

Hospitals with automatic doors provide easy access and exit for visitors, employees, and patients, particularly those who have mobility issues. By encouraging hands-free operation, they also lower the possibility of spreading germs. These doors automatically open and close when the motion sensors are activated, improving efficiency and convenience in areas with heavy traffic. 

2. Revolving Doors

Revolving doors in hospitals efficiently manage traffic flow while maintaining energy efficiency. Similar to hospitals with double doors, the revolving door design minimises air exchange, helping in temperature control and reducing heating or cooling costs. With segmented compartments, they allow for a steady influx of people without compromising security or comfort. In busy hospital entrances, revolving doors serve as elegant solutions, offering smooth, continuous movement for patients, visitors, and staff.

3. Sliding Doors

Hospitals with sliding doors offer convenient access and space-saving advantages, making them a flexible option for smaller hospital areas with limited space. Sliding doors make a modern, functional healthcare environment possible with their elegant design and effortless functioning.

4. Fire-rated Doors

In hospitals, every element contributes to a safe and efficient environment. Hospital fire doors play a crucial role in this safety infrastructure. Unlike standard doors, they are specifically designed to slow or even stop the spread of smoke and fire, complying with stringent fire safety regulations. Made from fire-resistant materials, hospital fire doors offer reliability in the most demanding situations.

5. Security Doors

Hospital security doors are essential for protecting sensitive areas like labs, pharmacies, and equipment storage rooms. Made from strong materials and with integrated locking systems, they guard against unwanted entry, guarantee patient privacy, and safeguard valuable belongings. By integrating sophisticated security features such as surveillance integration and access control systems, they offer an effective barrier against any attacks in healthcare environments.

6. Impact-resistant Doors

Hospitals need impact-resistant doors due to their ability to withstand high-impact forces, such as collisions with stretchers or other equipment. In crowded hallways and emergency rooms, they guarantee the security of both patients and employees. These doors, which are made of strong materials like steel or fibreglass, offer enduring protection against harm, lowering maintenance costs and ensuring uninterrupted operation in demanding situations.

7. Hermetic Doors

Hermetic doors are essential for preserving sterile conditions, especially in places like cleanrooms, isolation units, and operating rooms. By creating an airtight barrier, these doors help to maintain controlled airflow and stop contaminants from entering. Hermetic doors contribute to the strict hygiene requirements necessary for patient safety and infection control in healthcare environments by reducing the chance of cross-contamination.

8. Soundproof Doors

In order to provide calm environments for patients and workers, hospitals must have soundproof doors. These doors successfully filter out external sounds, creating a calm atmosphere that promotes healing and relaxation. They are especially helpful in spaces where privacy and focus are essential, such as recovery units, consulting rooms, and patient rooms. 

9. X-ray Shielded Doors

In medical settings, X-ray-shielded doors are necessary, especially in radiology departments where radiation protection is vital. Lead lining is used in the construction of these doors to efficiently block radiation, protecting staff and patients from potential effects. Their unique shape facilitates easy access to restricted regions where diagnostic imaging operations are carried out while ensuring compliance with safety rules.

10. Antimicrobial Doors

Antimicrobial doors are essential for maintaining a hygienic environment in hospitals, effectively controlling the spread of harmful pathogens. Constructed with materials containing antimicrobial properties, these doors actively limit the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi on their surfaces. By reducing the risk of cross-contamination, antimicrobial doors contribute to overall infection control efforts, promoting a safer and healthier healthcare setting for patients and staff.

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Hospital doors must be installed correctly and maintained regularly to guarantee their long-term safety and functionality. Improved performance, a longer life, and increased safety are all advantages of routine maintenance. Additionally, maintenance can lessen the possibility of mishaps or injuries brought on by broken hardware.

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