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3 Common Myths on Air Tightness Testing Exposed

Since 2006, all developments in the UK are required to have an air tightness test before selling, renting or buying a property. However, it isn’t just a tick-box activity, it goes way beyond compliance. 

It is an assessment that identifies how efficiently your building retains air, providing you with detailed information about potential spots causing air infiltration in your property. Depending on the result of the test, you are then provided with ways you can improve the efficiency of your property

You may also be wondering how an air-tightness test is carried out and how easy the process is. If you’re based in Essex or London,  the experienced team at Gio Property Solutions can conduct it for you. We make sure to offer a hassle-free experience and precise air-tightness test results, saving you valuable time and effort.

Exactly how does an air tightness test impact overall building performance? These are the sorts of questions we will be answering in this blog. In addition to this, we will be busting any common myths surrounding this service. 

Here are three common myths regarding an air tightness test. 

1. It is Difficult to Get a Good Air Tightness Test Score

One common misconception about air tightness testing is that it is difficult to pass, which discourages property owners and builders from getting the test done. However, this is not the case. Furthermore, it should be noted that it is a mandatory requirement of the UK government and disregarding this test can result in legal repercussions and even fines. 

In addition to it being a regulatory standard, air tightness tests offer many benefits for your property, including a potential increase in the value of your property. 

Hiring a reliable service provider to conduct the test is extremely important to lessen the chances of ending up with a failed air-tightness test.

At Gio Property Solutions, we are equipped with years of experience. We will help you achieve a precise air tightness test score coupled with a hassle-free testing experience. 

2. An Air Tightness Test is Very Expensive

Another popular misconception about air tightness testing is that they are really costly. While you might initially avoid it thinking it’s a big expense, the price is often outweighed by the long-term benefits it provides.

The average air tightness test cost in the UK is reasonable and extremely feasible for property owners. However, it can vary based on factors such as the size and complexity of the structure, location, and the chosen service provider.

The air tightness test score determines the efficiency of your building envelope and provides valuable insights into a property’s energy performance by identifying areas of air infiltration. 

Understanding where your building is losing air allows you to implement targeted improvements, ultimately saving on heating and cooling costs. When you compare the potential savings and improved energy efficiency against the cost of an air tightness test, it will seem negligible. 

Looking for an affordable air-tightness tester? Contact Gio Property Solutions for accurate air tightness test results at a reasonable price!

3. Only New Buildings Need Air Tightness Testing

While it’s true that air tightness tests are obligatory for new buildings, older buildings don’t legally need regular tests. That being said, existing buildings can significantly benefit from this test. 

Older buildings, especially those that have undergone renovations or changes over the years, may develop air leakage points that compromise energy efficiency. It is beneficial to conduct this test every few years, allowing you to improve its efficiency over time.

Detecting and addressing air leaks in older buildings will lead to substantial energy savings, improved indoor comfort, and enhanced sustainability

Whether you are seeking an air tightness test for your newly built house or want to increase the efficiency of an existing building, Gio Property Solutions has you covered! 

Contact Gio Property Solutions for Thorough Testing and Accurate Air Tightness Test Score!

With a better understanding of the air tightness test, now you are fully informed to decide on your property. If you require an air tightness test yourself, make sure to choose someone trusted and accredited in the industry. 

This is where the expertise of Gio Property Solutions comes into play. We are one of the few EAS/iATS-approved testers in the UK and can provide you with the best services for air tightness testing. 

What’s more? We also provide Energy Performance Certificates in and around London. Our Level 4 and higher NDEA Accuracy assessor makes sure you get precise results, so rest assured you are relying on the right people for the job. 

To learn more about our services, you can visit our about us page or call us at 07510 060 669 for air tightness testing today!

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