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Why Student Properties Need An EPC: A Must-Have for Landlords

Renting your property to students may be a great, long-term solution that certainly has its fair share of benefits.

Student properties are in high demand, offering yearly rental periods and impressive profits. However, there are specific things to consider when leasing to students.

Before renting your property to students, you must ensure your building is energy efficient and to do this, a number of tests are conducted to give you a score from A-G. Known as an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), this score determines  the energy performance of your property, giving you valuable information about its efficiency level and any improvements that need to be made.

In this blog, we’ll explore why you must have an Energy Performance certification before you rent your property to students. We’ll cover everything from promoting energy efficiency to meeting legal requirements and more.

Let’s make your student accommodations energy-efficient and awesome!

1. The Role of EPC Certification in Ensuring Energy Efficiency

If you’re a landlord with student properties, having an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will ensure that your property is energy efficient. Your property will be rated on a scale from A-G, with A being the best score, and G being the worst.These ratings depend on the age, location and condition of your property. 

With an EPC, you can identify areas in the property where energy is being wasted or being used excessively. This assessment gives you helpful improvements to make your property more sustainable and efficient. 

An energy-efficient property benefits both you and your student tenants. Happier and more satisfied tenants are more likely to respect your property and spread positive reviews. This positive feedback from your tenants will build trust and help your business to grow. It will be easier than ever to house students!

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2. Legal Requirement for Landlords of Student Accommodation

As a landlord of student accommodation, getting an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is more than a choice – it’s the law! Before you can rent out your property to students, you must have a valid EPC. This applies to all rental properties, not just student housing. 

Checking your property’s EPC rating is crucial before you start advertising it to students. Moreover, in countries like the UK, student tenants tend to look for properties that have a higher EPC rating. Furthermore, not having an  EPC can lead to serious fines and legal troubles, which you definitely want to avoid.

Having an EPC gives valuable insights into your property’s energy efficiency and suggests ways to improve it. Being open about your property’s energy performance builds trust with tenants.

Remember, you have to provide the EPC to interested students for free!

3. How EPC Ratings Impact Student Tenants

For student tenants, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of a property has a big impact on energy costs and their overall experience while living there. Considering the energy efficiency of a property will in turn make students more conscious and hopefully promote less energy-consuming habits. 

If you choose a property with a high EPC rating (like A or B), your building is highly energy-efficient. This leads to lower energy use and cheaper utility bills, which is great for students trying to save money. With lower expenses, students can focus more on their studies without worrying about high bills.

Additionally, EPC ratings also affect the environment. An energy-efficient property produces fewer harmful emissions, making it more eco-friendly. Students that care about the planet and are eco-conscious prefer living in greener properties that align with their values.

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4. Improving Student Comfort and Well-being with EPC Certification

Students want to live in a comfortable place with an  enjoyable living experience. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) plays an important role in achieving such an atmosphere. The EPC goes beyond just energy efficiency – it directly impacts the comfort and well-being of the students in your property.

EPC ensures a warmer, cosier environment, which directly affects your students’ well-being. With the help of the EPC results, you can optimise for a well-insulated and ventilated property. Such a property results in improved indoor air quality and reduces the risk of mould and dampness. This promotes their overall well-being and happiness while living in your property.

Moreover, when your tenants feel comfortable and content in their living space, they’ll be more focused on their studies and have a peaceful place to relax and unwind after a busy day. Ultimately, investing in an EPC not only benefits your property but also enhances the well-being and comfort of your student tenants. 

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Before you rent your property to students, you must have an Energy Performance Certificate for legal reasons. This score reflects how efficient and environmentally impactful your property is and gives you areas to improve upon, if necessary. 

Our technicians at Gio Property Solutions have the skills and qualifications required to perform an Energy Performance Certificate on your property.

With us, you can improve your EPC rating and ensure that your building is complying with the regulatory codes. 

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